Regrettably during the Corona virus crisis all activities other than the food-bank have been temporarily suspended at Ty Santes Fair.

Also due to the restrictions our only regular Sunday service is at 10.00am (Holy Eucharist) in the Parish Church, St John's located on the Main Road at Neath Abbey.

We continue our emergncy 'Food Cupboard' from Ty Santes Fair

working closely with the NPT co-ordinator and the Salvation Army


We accept donations.


We do appreciate the donations we have received from individuals, local churches/chapels, businesses and groups.


Thank you one and all 

each gift makes a difference to some-one in need

 "God’s blessing to all."

  Vicar Chris.

    (Rev'd. C. W. Coles) 

It will be necessary on opening to record all visitors contact details:

                          Name, telephone and email address for 21 days.

                          (details may be accessed by NHS test and trace)

The following groups will resume when co-vid regulations allow:-

MONDAY                                          DYDD LlUN                                                                                     

10:00am - Men's Group                                 Grwp Dynion  

10:30am - Craft  Group                                 GrwpCelf

  3:00pm - Pilates                                         Pilates

  7:00pm - Yoga                                           Yoga

TUESDAY                                               DYDD MAWRTH                                           

  9:30am - Citizens Advice by appointment.   Citizens' Advice Cymru (trwy apwyntiad

 10:00am - Drop-in cafe                              Caffi Rhydd

 10:30am - Credit Union                              Undeb Credydd 

 12:00pm - Lunch club                                Clwb Cinio

  2:00pm -  Mother's Union Monthly              Undeb Y Mamau (misol)

  6:30pm -  TSF Community Choir                Cor Cymunedol TSF

WEDNESDAY                                             DYDD MERCHER

  9:30-2:30pm  Moo Music                         Moo

 2:00pm - 4pm Club                                  Clwb              

 6:00pm - 8pm Karate                               Karate

THURSDAY                                                DYDD MERCHER

1:30pm - 4:00pm Drop-in and bowls           Clwb bowlio/Caffi Rhydd

4:30pm - 9:00pm Slimming World              Slimming World                            

FRIDAY                                                      DYDD GWENER

11:00am - Mindfullness by appointment      Ystyriaeth (drwy apwyntiad)

  6:00pm - Monthly Faith and Light             Fydd a Golau (misol)

               -Monthly Youth group                 Grwp iuenctid (misol)                

SATURDAY                                                DYDD SADWRN

3:00pm - 5:00pm Messy Church                 Llan Llanast (Misol)               

(Usually 3rd Saturday)

SUNDAY                                                     DYDD SUL


5:30pm - Drop in cafe and Evensong.          Hwyrol Weddi

nb. 1st Sunday of the month Eucharist.       (Cymun Bendigaid - misol)

4th Sunday at different locations throughout the deanery please enquire.